Concert dates

Latest concert dates and venues


EVERY 1st Saturday of the month My Neighbours the Dumplings- 165 Lower Clapton Road E5 8EQ
Friday 29th June 2018 Green Note-106 Parkway, Camden, NW1 7AN
Wednesday 24 May 2017 Vortex Jazz Club
Friday 14th October 2016 Green Note- Camden
Sunday 10th July 2016 Hootananny- Brixton
Friday 27th June 2016 Palm 2- Clapton Pond- Senegalese Pop up Night
Friday 17th June 2016 Palm 2- Clapton Pond
Friday 27 May 2016 the Hive Dalston 260 264 kinsland road
Saturday 14th February St Maximin- Near Paris- France
Saturday 21st March Ritzy Brixton
Thursday 30th April SOAS London
Dates Venue Featuring Artists
Sunday 21st December Hootananny Brixton
Friday 5th December Rich Mix – Shoreditch Diene “Waaw Waaw” Sagna and Yaye Dib Sabar
Thursday 9th November The Russet- Dalston Afro Jam with various artists- Every 2nd Thursday of the month
Saturday 1st November The Russet- Dalston Double Bass Dan, Kyazi Lugangira and DJ Wizz Jeezy
Friday 3rd October Green Note- Camden Double Bass Dan
Saturday 16th August On the Edge World Music Festival- Richmond- Riverside Many other bands
Thursday 14th August The Russet- Dalston Afro Jam with various artists- Every 2nd Thursday of the month
Wednesday 6th August Candela- Clapton- Playing every 2nd Wednesday
22nd June Africa Oyé Festival- Liverpool Diene “Waaw Waaw” Sagna
8th June Rich Mix – Shoreditch Open the gate-Many other artists
24th May Passing Clouds – Hackney The heritage survival band- Zimbabwe
17th May The Constitution Pub – Camden Kyazi Lugangira
3rd May The Russet – Hackney Kadialy Kouyaté
5th April Rich Mix- Shoreditch Diene “Waaw Waaw” Sagna and Simo Lagnawi
17th January The Russet – Hackney Downs Jally Kebba Susso (solo set)



Dates Venue Featuring Artists
22nd December Hootananny-Brixton N/A
27th October Rich Mix Special Album Launch
Sura Susso, Diabel Cissokho, Luzmira Zerpa, Kyazi Lugangira,
Maimuna Faal, Noga Ritter, Baba Galle Kante
21st September Hackney Attic Biram Seck and band Fofoulah
30th August Russet-Hackney Downs Kyazi Lugangira
26th May Silver Bullet-Finsbury Park N/A
27th April Biddle Brothers-Hackney N/A
16th March Passing Clouds-Hackney N/A
16th February Hackney Attic N/A